Should you have a standby Generator

Should you have a standby Generator

Hurricanes serve as a wakeup call for many of us, with thousands of people left without power for weeks. The breakdown of the electrical grid, damaged by flying debris and high winds as well as flood waters, is a sobering reminder that the infrastructures we all take for granted are fragile against the most formidable of enemies – the weather.

That’s why more and more people are turning to standby generators to keep the power on at their house and business. Standby generators can be your lifeline, keeping the food safe to eat and maintaining the temperature at healthy levels. Self-Installed Power Generatorselectricians

However, you want to make sure you have safe hookups for your generator. Some people assume that all they have to do is plug their generator into a wall outlet, and they have all the power they’ll need. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

“Dirty Power” is the term used for electrical power that surges, lags, and is full of static. This type of power comes from an unsteady power source that pulsates. It is also caused by the use of cords and electrical wiring that are insufficient for the voltage being sent through them. This can create a serious fire hazard at the best, and a shock hazard as well.

When you install your own generator, there is the additional complication of accessibility. Do you have to get your generator out of storage when bad weather threatens? Is it located out in the barn, and connected to the house with an extension cord? How involved is the process you follow to switch from grid power to generator power?

Another problem with self installed generator power is that it can actually ruin your appliances. Anything that uses a generator or compressor must have a steady supply of clean electricity. Your refrigerator, freezer, and air conditioning unit all run with a compressor. Power that surges will cause the compressor to burn out, causing you to have to replace some of your most expensive appliances.Professionally Installed Power Generatorspower generators

If you hire licensed electricians to hook up your standby generator, the danger will be avoided. Your electrician can install a breaker switch that makes your switch from grid to generator much safer and cleaner. There won’t be any threat of electrocution, and there won’t be the fire hazard associated with the “suicide hookups” that many people try. The electrician will make sure that clean power is processed to your home or business from your standby generators. When the power goes out, all you have to do is start your generator and flip a switch, and you’ll have no interruption to your service. What can run on a generator?

You can’t always run everything you have on generator power. It depends on the size of your unit and the amount of power you need. However, there is usually enough power to keep your refrigerator and freezer running, which will preserve your food. You can also run some type of heating unit with these generators. There will also be enough power to keep your land line telephones working, if the wires are still up, and to charge your cell phones so that you can stay in communication.

If you use medical machinery, a standby generator is a must. Clean electricity is even more important to keep these units running properly.

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