Liberal Or Conservative? It’s Time For Facebook Categorizations

When you think that you have been unnoticeable regarding the political views, the dominant social media knows its way to identify you. The portals of Facebook, one of the largest networks has its ideology to determine your political inclinations. The site bases its opinions on your activity. You can now realize how Facebook has captured your interests. They tag you either as conservative or liberal or somewhere around the moderate category. Log into your Facebook account and look for the Interests header. Choose the lifestyle and culture tab and hunt for the US Politics Box. If it does not pop, hit the see more button.

There you can identify the opinions of Facebook based on your political views. It generates an idea by looking at the pages that you visit and like. It considers your political fondness that is mentioned on your profile. For instance, if you have liked Hillary Clinton’s page, the intuitive social networking site would identify you as a liberal. The information that you provide is valuable for their opinions. Facebook has been doing these categorizations on its users for quite a long time now. Several political campaigns have funded Facebook to target the specific demographic groups. With more than 1.5 billion users, Facebook frames the political outlook with ease.


Hug Of The Year – Michelle & G Bush

When they hugged, they never knew that it is going to catch the eyes of paparazzi. When the first lady, Michelle Obama hugged the former president George Bush at a ceremony held at the opening of the National Museum of the Afro-American history, the shutterbugs did not have to think once again before capturing that moment. Once the photo was published, some h=gave it a political view while the others tagged it as friendship.

For political critics, it was a shameful act by the first lady as Mr. President cleared almost all the pending files which were the effect of Mr. Bush’s presidency period. Many people believed that the hug was an act of friendliness. However, the critics have examples to prove them wrong. In a memorial service, the first lady and Mr. Bush held hands together and was smiling not even thinking that the service was for the five police officers who have lost their lives. This has irked many people, and this was the example given by the critics as well.

If this is not enough, then when Mr. Bush came to the White House for his official portrait to be unveiled he mentioned that the first lady of 1814 had rescued the first George W’s portrait when there was a fire emergency. He added in a funny way that, if anything like happens then Michelle should protect his portrait.

Whenever Bushes and Obamas appear together in public, it was noted that Mrs. Obama finds a place near Mr. Bush. Some people say that it is friendship for the last 7.5 years as both families have stayed in the White House. Mrs. Obama has been very friendly towards the Bushes and even appeared with Mrs. Bush in some charity events and other activities. Mrs. Obama said that it is not easy to find people who know what you are going through.

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