Advertising Your Estate Sales Company

How to Attract New Estate Sale Clients and Prospects to Make Your Ads Click and Phone Ring!

What is in this Estate Sales Classified Ads Guide for your business? Six simple elements to multiply the effectiveness of your estate sales and leftover goods classified advertising and promotion.

You have also just found the most valuable resource for getting your first estate sale client and growing your estate sale business.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Classified ads don’t work—unless they’re on Craigslist.

People Buy Categories First

I am not knocking the big “C”, but it takes a lot of time and effort to muddle through those categories to find estate sale ads, which are hidden under GARAGE SALES.

To each his own, but a dedicated website for estate sales classified ads can be an enormously effective way to get quality client leads for your estate sale business and sell leftover estate sale items.

Are you using the big “C” or the local newspaper for traditional estate sale advertising and client leads, but none of them are working? Have you wasted your advertising budget and seen no results? Are you throwing money away by donating sellable leftover goods?

When it comes to advertising and promotion, you need a new strategy that contributes profits to your client and your business balance sheet.

A well-written estate sales classified ad that help an estate sale client and estate sale company solve each other’s problems using local, targeted, online classified advertising with photos and video are that powerful new advertising strategy.

The main objective of a dedicated website for targeted classified advertising is to make your ads click and phone ring!

This guide teaches you six powerful ways to make your phone ring off the hook with estate sale clients and prospects with your classifieds. You will also see examples and proven words, that you can immediately start using in addition to this new tool to earn more profits from your advertising.

First, I want to explain WHY people respond to well-written classified advertising and promotion, which will help you get target prospects to respond to your advertising including Adwords ads, press releases, and estate sale descriptions…

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