The Erection Of National Monument Creates Controversies

The Bears Ears National Monument created by the President Barack Obama stirs up different debates. The supporters of the President consider the measure as an important step to conserving the lands. The monument erected in the southwest Utah protects 1.35 million acres of land. The place has a cultural significance for the native tribes who have been residing there for generations together. The Bears Ears Commission looks after the tribal nation’s views to protect their lands. The monument also conserves the enclosure and various artifacts that remain sacred to the tribal. On the other hand, the opponents consider this initiative as an overreach.

The questionable move that took place during the last month in the President’s office has generated different views. The rivals feel that the move is autocratic. Several Republicans are on the verge of fighting out the issue. Mike Lee, the Utah Senator, has tweeted to disengage the President’s move. He is tirelessly working for the same. As per the Antiquities Act of 1906, the president has the authority to erect national monuments. Obama also created the Gold Butte National Monument in northern Nevada that spans over 300,000 acres. As per the statistics, on including these two monuments erected by the President, the numbers rise to 29 totally.

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