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If you are in desperate need of home pest control but don’t want to spend big dollars or hours to get the job done, a few tips might be the solution for you. When you’re in the market for pest control, you may wind up doing a lot of research through consumer magazines, product reviews and the Internet in order to get the best deal. Knowing what to look for in the highest quality pest control will make your choice a lot easier. Here are a few pointers to help get you started. residential pest control

Gardening used to be for survival, to provide food for the table. Today, we have ornamental gardening where the look of the garden is more important than the products coming out of it. Since the look is so important, we don’t want pests eating holes in leaves and rotten produce lying on the ground. A healthy-looking garden is a healthy and disease-free garden.

Soil condition is very important for the growing of produce as well as for pest control. Roots need access to water and air. The soil should store nutrients for the roots so that plants are healthy and can repel attacks by garden pests. Too extreme of conditions in the soil will be ideal for the infestation of crawling pests. Work the soil to create a fertile loam for good drainage and storage of nutrients. To achieve this you need to work the compost in during the fall and spring. Use mulch on top to allow for less evaporation of water and to allow the nutrients to work farther down. Too much organic material left on the surface will create a pest control situation by attracting pests.

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Compost is a good soil conditioner because it has already been broken down and started rotting. Therefore, it is less likely to attract pests to the garden. Bury hair around plant roots or in a trench around the plant. Pests do not like to crawl over the hair and it is rich in minerals and micronutrients. The fat from roasting meat or poultry can be buried at least a foot deep in the soil and will deter vermin.

Container gardening allows you to keep some plants out of the garden and on the porch or in your house. These will be less susceptible to regular garden pests.

Some weeds should be left in the garden to keep the soil loose. Clover and wild mustard add nitrogen and minerals to the soil while suppressing other weeds. They bring the minerals up to the surface and also help clear some pests.

No garden is completely pest or disease-free. However, you can minimize pests by using these conditions to keep your garden in harmony and from attack. To rectify problems, always go with the least toxic pest control options for your garden’s sake, starting with these home remedies. They will help alleviate pest problems but are less toxic on the environment and safer for your family and household pets.

All the above are creative ways to handle the issue of gardening and pest control. If you can apply one of these to your personal situation to alleviate the problem of pests, do so and see a marked improvement in your garden. Armed with the solutions to professional pest control, you can help resolve the problem and find yourself breathing a little easier and not worrying about garden pests any longer.

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