Furnace Troubleshooting

How to Light your Gas Pilot – Furnace Troubleshooting

If your homes furnace has stopped working, it is likely that the pilot light has gone out. The pilot light in effect creates an electrical signal, when this signal is interrupted (when the pilot light goes out) the gas control valve will not allow gas to go to the furnace. This is a safety feature that prevents gas build up and explosions. There are different reasons why the pilot light goes ranging from a gust of wind to mechanical problems or gas supply problems. In any case if your furnace is no longer working, the first thing to do is to check to see if the pilot light is working. If it has gone out then you need to see about getting the pilot light re-lit. Here are some recommended steps. Furnace Service

First Thing, Turn off the gas valve.

The first step is to turn of the gas valve. This valve is located at the front of your heater. After you do this, wait approximately 3-4 minutes for the valve to reset itself. After this duration turn the valve to the position that is marked “pilot light”. This position is half way between the “off” position and the “on” position. In this “pilot light” position no actual gas will flow to the burner, however when you hold the “pilot light” button down gas will flow to the pilot light.

Then Find the location of the pilot light.

The pilot light is typically found either under the burner or it can be along side of the burner. Above the pilot burner is a metal cylinder that is to ¼” in diameter and is 2 or 3 inches long. There is a narrow tube that runs up to it. When your pilot burner is lit, the cylinder is in the flame. This cylinder is called a thermocouple is what causes the electrical current that tells the gas valve it is safe to open the gas. Although this may all sound very technical, it will be clearer when you actually are looking at your furnace.

Light the pilot light.

Typically, in order to reach the pilot light with a match, you will need either needle-nose pliers or a length of wire or something that can hold the match up to the place where the pilot light sits. (People often use the long fireplace matches to light their furnaces, they are ideal.) Whether you are using pliers, a length of wire, or long matches, it’s a good idea to practice first, to make sure you can reach the pilot light. So try first with an unlit match.

Now light the match and put it up to the pilot light burner. Press down on the pilot light button so gas will flow to the pilot light burner. The burner should start right away. HOWEVER, KEEP THE BUTTON PRESSED DOWN FOR 60 SECONDS. It can take up to a minute for the special element in the thermocouple to start generating the electrical signal that the control valve needs.

If the pilot light keeps burning after you let go of the button, then all is well. Lastly turn the control valve to “ON” and that should be it. If any of this sounds too complicated or confusing please call your local plumber.Call Today: or visit us @ Trophy Air Conditioning and Heating for a Licensed TechnicianView ourSpecial Offersonline

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