Advertising Your Estate Sales Company

How to Attract New Estate Sale Clients and Prospects to Make Your Ads Click and Phone Ring!

What is in this Estate Sales Classified Ads Guide for your business? Six simple elements to multiply the effectiveness of your estate sales and leftover goods classified advertising and promotion.

You have also just found the most valuable resource for getting your first estate sale client and growing your estate sale business.

Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Classified ads don’t work—unless they’re on Craigslist.

People Buy Categories First

I am not knocking the big “C”, but it takes a lot of time and effort to muddle through those categories to find estate sale ads, which are hidden under GARAGE SALES.

To each his own, but a dedicated website for estate sales classified ads can be an enormously effective way to get quality client leads for your estate sale business and sell leftover estate sale items.

Are you using the big “C” or the local newspaper for traditional estate sale advertising and client leads, but none of them are working? Have you wasted your advertising budget and seen no results? Are you throwing money away by donating sellable leftover goods?

When it comes to advertising and promotion, you need a new strategy that contributes profits to your client and your business balance sheet.

A well-written estate sales classified ad that help an estate sale client and estate sale company solve each other’s problems using local, targeted, online classified advertising with photos and video are that powerful new advertising strategy.

The main objective of a dedicated website for targeted classified advertising is to make your ads click and phone ring!

This guide teaches you six powerful ways to make your phone ring off the hook with estate sale clients and prospects with your classifieds. You will also see examples and proven words, that you can immediately start using in addition to this new tool to earn more profits from your advertising.

First, I want to explain WHY people respond to well-written classified advertising and promotion, which will help you get target prospects to respond to your advertising including Adwords ads, press releases, and estate sale descriptions…

Taking Care of Your Retainers

When we remove your braces, your retention stage of treatment begins. Generally, patients receive clear, esthetic retainers. For certain individuals the doctor will prescribe Hawley retainers that are made of acrylic and wires. The first six months of retention are the most critical for the teeth are becoming stable to their new position in the arch. If retainers are not worn faithfully, the teeth may relapse to their former misaligned position. After the first six months of faithful retainer wear, the doctor will prescribe that you continue wearing the retainers at night to prevent any unwanted movement due to pressure exerted on the teeth by the erupting wisdom teeth or third molars. orthodontics
Once the wisdom teeth have been removed, the doctor will usually tell you to wear your retainer one night a week and FOREVER! The doctor wants to preserve your beautiful smile and healthy bite for the rest of your life. He knows that bad habits may develop at a point in your life and that these habits may cause abnormal wear and movement of your teeth. Only faithful long term retainer wear will aid in detecting the onset of a bad habit. Bad oral habits include grinding or clenching your teeth, biting on objects like pens and pencils, etc. If you notice a “tight fit” when putting on your retainers that one designated night per week, it is usually due to some bad oral habit. If this happens, the doctor strongly recommends that you wear your retainers full time until the habit ceases.

With this information, the doctor warns that you cannot go without retainers. If lost or broken or if you have concerns regarding fit, make an appointment ASAP to preserve your beautiful smile and healthy bite that you worked so hard to achieve!!!


It must be worn 24 HOURS A DAY, except when you are eating and brushing your teeth. If you play contact sports (football, basketball, etc.) take it out for the game, but don’t forget to put it back in! We will reduce the time you are required to wear your retainer over time.


When you are not wearing your retainer, place it in a glass of warm, not hot, water with denture cleaner. This prevents plaque from sticking to your retainer. DO NOT use hot water to clean or soak your retainer, as it may cause warping.


This protects it from being stepped on, thrown away, lost, etc. Do not wrap the retainer in a napkin, for this is a very easy way for it to be thrown away. Make sure you write your name and phone number on your retainer case along with the doctor’s name. This will increase the chances of your retainer being returned to you if you lose it.


Pets love to chew retainers. Make sure when it is not in your mouth it is in it’s case up on a counter or shelf where your pet can not reach it.


If your retainer is lost or broken there will be a replacement charge. DO NOT WAIT TO CALL. Your teeth can move very quickly. If you have questions or problems, please call and we will be glad to help you.

Finding the Right Plumber – Plumbing Services

Plumber Tips and Tricks on How to Find the Best One!

It is true that finding a plumber within your area may come as easy as counting one, two and three but finding a trustworthy and dependable one is another point of the story. . See that there are tons of plumbers out there that advertise high quality and affordable work only to find out afterwards that they are rip off fraudulent workers . If you’re looking for great and reliable plumbers, read these tips and tricks listed below and learn how to easily ward off those fraud and hoax workers .Plumbing services - Plumbing repirs
Always remember that advertisements and commercials are always half true half lie , neither those professional looking plumbers. When hiring a plumber, don’t base on the looks but rather think smart to rectify the problem easy and effective . Most of the time, many customers would end up paying more than what they should pay not to mention the quality of work they get from these “not so good” plumbers. To avoid fraudulent and even second-rate plumbers , read these tips and be sure to practice them by heart.
1. Certifications and licenses – the first thing that you need to take a look at when hiring a plumber is their certification and licenses . Sure that there are many great plumbers out there but not all of them are qualified to do the job . Asking for their certificates and determining if they are licensed will give you a peace of mind that they are well fitted for the job.
2.Check the guarantee of their service – remember that a plumber’s work will not last longer than 12 hours, depending on the degree of pipe damage, things can be as short as 1 hour to weeks of repair . Before you commit with them, make sure to ask for a work guarantee . What if the pipe they install got broken after two months? What if the drainage only works for a short length of time? To avoid these things from happening and to save yourself from costly repetitive repairs, always choose a reliable plumber whose willingly able to give you an assurance for his work done .
3. Determine their experience – when hiring a plumber, you should also bear in mind that well experienced Cardiff plumbers are usually more reliable and great than the others. Remember that experience is the best teacher thus it applies to all including plumbing . Experienced plumbers can detect, rectify, and resolve your plumbing dilemmas easy and effective due to their broad range of knowledge.
4. Solicit feedbacks – it is also wise to collect and read customer feedbacks before making a deal with the plumber . If you plan to get a company based plumber, make sure to reexamination client testimonials about their services to ensure high quality job all the time. For independent plumbers, word of mouth works best.
5. Make sure that the pricing is competitive – last but not the least thing you need to consider when finding/hiring a plumber is the rate of their services. A quality work may not be cheap but it should not be expensive as well . Do not forget to compare other offers to get the best service at a fraction of its cost.residential Plumber
With these helpful tips and tricks, choosing the right plumber would be as easy as reciting the alphabet . Remember that after a great work, that plumber should be rewarded with such praises and referrals. When looking for that Mr. “right” plumber , keep these tips and tricks in mind because they will help you find a great and reliable one easy and effective .

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